Car Air Conditioning Sunshine

We offer top-notch services for the auto car air conditioning systems throughout Sunshine. Our auto electricians examine the car aircon system in detail, as due to its intricate design, detecting the fault can become difficult at times.

We repair the damaged components and replace the components which are no longer fit for use in the AC of your vehicle. At our workshop, we also re-gas or refill the car aircon. If you want the air conditioning system of your car to be serviced or cleaned, we can do it for you, within the time limit specified by you. We have stock of various spare accessories which can suit the AC system of almost every car.

Car Air Conditioning
I thought I would never get to drive my lovely Ford again after it went through a terrible accident, but, to my surprise, the mechanics and panel beaters at Performance Plus did amazing job of bringing it back into the fine condition. Thanks!
Danielle Griffin
Great service! Very helpful team –They accommodated my car at the last minute and completed all work soon, without charging anything extra.
Sri Srith